• Item# 0165 Apache Olla,

    This beautiful example of Apache basketry shows a geometric design of open diamonds until near the bottom of the piece there is a different pattern of half filled in diamonds that are the starting point of a full, complex, star design on the bottom (please inquire for photo of bottom design if you are interested).

    Size: 19" high by 17" wide
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  • Item# 0140B Pima Reverse Tray,

    The Pima inhabit a reservation in southern Arizona not far from Phoenix, and have always been noted for their quiet and peaceful nature. They have developed a high type of basketry which contains some intricate patterns. The most common construction materials include tisal willow, squaw weed, skunk weed, the root of the tule, and martyina, or devil's claw. As with many of their designs this basket shows the source of water supply in the center, with radiating geometric lines representing the winding streams in the form of reverse circle tracks.

    Size: 3" high by 10-1/2" diameter.
    Condition: Excellent
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  • Item# 0142 Pima "Turtle" Basket,

    Beautiful example of Pima double whirling fret design with a lifeform turtle in the center.

    Size: 3" high by 13-1/2" Diameter.
    Condition: Excellent
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  • Item# 0141 Apache Star Design Basket,

    The star design of this piece with the counter movement pattern around the dark center is most often seen in the work of the Western Apache. Though it is almost one hundred years old it is in wonderful condition.

    Size: 2" high by 13" Diameter
    Condition: Excellent
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  • Item# 0143 Panamint Basket,


    The Great Basin Area of southern Nevada and southeastern California, including Death Valley, is as barren a land as one could imagine. It is almost like another world...yet is the nomadic home of the Panamints and Paiutes. Living under these most austere conditions, they nevertheless have produced outstanding examples of workmanship and design. Panamint weavers are noted for their technical excellence, with some baskets counting sixty wefts to the inch. The basket (bowl) shown here has characteristic flaring walls, and segments of the rim have alternating light and dark rim "ticks". The techniques, materials, forms, and designs of this basket is typical of coiled basketry from the Great Basin culture area.

    Size: 6" high by 14-1/2" Diameter.
    Condition: Very Good
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