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Pottery at Blue Thunder ArtBlue Thunder Indian Art came to exist from many years of collecting the deeply symbolic artwork of the Southwest Indian. The symbol chosen for this endeavor is the form of "Big Thunder", highly stylized in order to remain respectful of the actual meaning and representation of this Navajo Sandpainting figure. It is wonderfully suited as a symbol in our Western Culture in that it can offer both powerful thunder and torrential rains that can destroy or the beneficence of life affirming rain, much as man can unleash his cruelty upon one another or develop his capacity to bring stillness and acceptance to the human community.

The sacred creation of a sandpainting is an inherent part of Navajo healing ceremonies, ritual chants performed to restore Hozho, the embodiment of balance, blessedness, holiness and beauty. When a person sits on the unfinished sandpainting, and the medicine man (chanter) touches a part of the figure in the sandpainting, then touches the patient with the sands, he symbolically transfers the magical potency of the sandpainting to the patient being cured. The sickness presumably falls from the patient and harmony prevails by reestablishing the even-flowing rhythm of life in the patient's mind and body.

It is in this spirit that Blue Thunder offers original, beautifully rendered pieces by authentic craftsmen and artists of the Southwest. Our inventory includes older, more classic merchandise by premier producers that is not often seen outside private collections, to artisans who we believe are on the brink of recognition. You will find pottery from the Hopi, Zuni, Acoma, Santa Clara, San Ildefonso and other Rio Grande Pueblos; Navajo weavings (rugs); Hopi Kachinas; Pima, Apache, and Panamint baskets; and unusual miniatures from a variety of artists.

Our inventory continually changes so plan to visit our site at regular intervals to review our newest pieces. We buy, sell, and trade so if you are interested in a specific artist or piece we welcome special requests. Call 1-650-348-7888 to order or inquire about our artwork. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. NOTE: We have discontinued credit card transactions due to customer preferences to pay by check or money order.

Please be aware that our photo replication is of high quality but what you may see on your screen depends on the quality of your computer software as well.